Becoming You Again- Recovery from abusive relatives

Becoming You Again is an online workshop for those needing understanding, healing and a place to share after enduring abuse. Together we  harness the power of self-discovery, self-forgiveness and process the boundaries and helps to heal inner trauma. The course empowers and renews the mind and soul in just eight sessions. Based on modules such as Narrative therapy, CBT and emotional Focused therapy the course is led by a clinical social worker and geared toward all aspects of life.

Sessions meet weekly. $30 per class.    Register HERE:

Reclaiming Your Life- an amazing journey into self!

A group for women who feel over stressed, or have lost their joy and need to reclaim their sense of purpose. Learn how to connect to their inner child and the joy we once had (even if in spare moments) From there we are reconnecting to that child and lost passions/interests/talents and building a safe place through self discovery.

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