What Love is all About- for kids

Jessica Gaffney kids book love principles for kids
Jessica Gaffney kids book love principles for kids

Love is a primary emotion, but it can be confusing when a friend is angry with us or our parent has hurt us. Using the LOVE Principle, we teach a child what it means to listen, look, agree and encourage (a spin off the Listen Observe Validate Encourage acronym used in our practice.) Includes original animal photographs, modified in watercolor for this book.


Every Last Breath Every last Breath Jessica Gaffney womens PTSD coach

A break through PTSD novel

Learn the impacts of domestic violence and terror on the human brain by following Maggie’s story. If you love animals, and aren’t afraid of seeing the impacts of fear on the human mind, this book is a great resources in understanding how PTSD affects the brain and disrupts parenting, decision making, relationships, and sleep patterns.

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Healing Teenage Trauma have-you-read-the-novels-that-are-improving-parent-teen-relationships_1-e1507307127215.pngwith Fiction…

Waking Marissa, Forgiving Sean and Hawk’s Tale are available online as Kindle or print books. If you want to help your teenager, get the series… The Teen Trilogy discusses main stream issues that attack our children’s self-esteem and self-worth. Topics include:

  1. Improving Family Relationships
  2. Grief, trauma & addiction
  3. Increases self-awareness
  4. Christian content so you don’t have to worry about inappropriate scenes about sex, drug use or occult content.


Jessica on Writing

I began writing in 1997 after a car accident killed my best friend. Alone, broken and unable to cope, I began writing. Through a series of novels I found byway to the story that had been inside me the whole time. Hawke and Marissa. These two love birds reminded me of a care free time in life when love wins and conquers all. But then real life sets in, and you can end up standing over an early grave, just like I did.

My characters are every bit as real as everyday person. You read their thoughts, follow their mistakes and find connection to their hearts on every page. Written for anyone who remembers the passion of being a teenager and the thrill of a bright future, the Chatham series is my pride and joy.