About Jessica

Specialty Areas

Jessica specializes in restoring relationships and creating harmony within. Her current clients include teens, abuse survivors, PTSD patients, women seeking divorce recovery, and anxiety reduction as the result of trauma. Jessica has additional experience with Narcissistic Abuse, Domestic Violence and Sex Trafficking.

My Heart & Mission

Jessica’s passion is to strengthen America’s families with the Love Principle. She holds a masters degree in clinical social work and provides counseling and coaching to families online, through workshops, presentations and in person at her Stuart, FL location.

Jessica is the author of seven books, including What Love is All About for kids, a teen trilogy on emotional trauma, Every Last Breath, a PTSD novel.

Education & Bio

Founder Jessica Gaffney holds a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, where she graduated Magne Cum Laude. Her bachelors degree was obtained at Southern CT State University, also in social work. Jessica was a licensed minister, work with youth and families outside Washington D.C. from 2008-2011. She has served on the Board of Directors for RosaLuz International Charity, the Restart Foundation which she and her husband founded in 2015, and also the Treasure Coast Human Trafficking coalition. She has spent the last 5 years educating audiences from schools, to institutions and the medical community about the warning signs of domestic violence and human trafficking, using her self guided tool, the Love Principle.  Today she networks, educates and writes on emotional healing through her books and presentations on the Love Principle.

The LOVE Principle

After spending 15 years in the book publishing world, advocating for families, she put her expertise to work in the mental health community and developed a self-guided tool to enhance and strengthen family relationships. The Principles are to Listen, Observe, Validate and Encourages. The Principles are used in Drug in Alcohol Intervention, as a School safety measure and creed, and have made it into two books, Love Principles Workbook for parents of teens, and What Love Is All About, a children’s bedtime story.

Programs & Services

Jessica’ work is held at the Love Institute in Stuart, Florida where she provides private sessions, groups for women and online coaching for clients. Services include private counseling and coaching sessions, online parenting programs, workshops and curriculum.  The Institute believes that communication skills portrayed through the LOVE Principle (Listen. Observe. Validate and Encourage) are the back bone of safety and nurturing which can prevent child abuse through awareness.