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About Jessica

Biography of Jessica Gaffney

IMG_6136Jessica was born and raised in New England. She explored modeling in NYC as a teen, and lived through a string of abusive controlling relationships before age 18. She lost her first love to a drunk driving accident and went on to marry a man with instability. After a 6 year battle with symptoms of PTSD, she rose above her challenges and began helping women. Today Jessica hosting an online show, counseling women and families, works with trauma victims and continues to speak out about domestic violence.


The author of seven books on trauma, including a fictional trilogy (newly revised as The Trouble We Remember) and a PTSD memoir (Every Last Breath), Jessica understands the complexity and struggle for freedom when battling anxiety, flashback, dissociation, panic, and depression.


Jessica holds a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, where she graduated Magne Cum Laude. Her bachelors degree was obtained at Southern CT State University in 1994, affording her over 20 years of experience working with women, trauma and teens.

Love Principle

Family restoration is Jessica’s top passion. In a day and age where the media, trauma, addiction and culture wars pull at the fabric of our lives, Jessica believes that the Home is what matters most. She created the LOVE Principle in 2015 as a means to reduce the risks of troubled youth. Her communication tool resonated with educators and social service providers. Today the Love Principle helps repair broken relationships and prevent violence in our schools.

The Principles are to Listen, Observe, Validate and Encourages. The Principles are used in Drug in Alcohol Intervention, as a School safety measure and creed, and have made it into two books, Love Principles Workbook for parents of teens, and What Love Is All About, a children’s bedtime story.


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