Understanding trauma bonds and their impact on teens

As a clinician in search of answers, I am reposting a topic that begins at home. If a clietn appears before you, broken and overwhelmed by emotions, anger and fear of their abusive parent they may be unresponsive to traditional therapy. Understanding the trauma bond, the blend of two brains into one and the years [...]


Definition of Dissociation for People With PTSD

It happens in the blink of an eye, one minute you are enjoying your coffee on the porch with your cat and the next, the overhead zoom of an airplane brings you back to a memory. The memory is not one you want to remember, yet it keep inserting itself in your present life. The [...]

Your Brain Under Stress and What You Can Do About It

Your Brain Under Stress and What You Can Do About It Posted on March 26, 2017 by Hadwat Sankari When stress threatens to take you down, the best way to fight it may be to relax. GOogle listed the word relax means, "to make or become less tense." According to Eric Gentry, Ph.D., a trauma [...]

The TOLL of Bereavement, and BLACK HOLE

Suicide has been a rampant part of our teen culture for the past decade. The following articles is meant to help parents and relatives looking for answers, not as to what happened but as to how you can survive the journey ahead. Excerpt taken from http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/conditions/coping-loss-bereavement-and-grief Coping With Loss The loss of a loved one [...]

The Love Principle offers a Safety Net for students.

The United States is in an obvious uproar, again, over a very hostile subject. The subject is our children in harms way. American children face a cold harsh world that presents them with constant violence, threats, and apprehensiveness. Many of our kids have been left to fend for themselves emotionally. Parents are more and more [...]

Why I wish I went to Therapy Sooner

If you've had the opportunity to find the right therapist, then you understand the power of sitting with someone who really hears you. The gift of being heard can unravel decades of self-proclaimed lies that appear after rejection, heart-ache, trauma, or natural devastation. Living in Florida, I know all too well the frightening impact of [...]

Free of the parent trap After my divorce

There's a nasty downside to life after divorce, and here it is: You still have no control. If you thought the uncertainty of the divorce process ended when the judge ruled, you were misinformed. Legally you can be free from the jerk, cheater, philanderer or worse, you can begin a life of repeat court dates, [...]